‘Time marks us while we are marking time…’

What makes one day special in the realm of time is the way one perceives it and construct its life. A collection of carried memories on a carrying bag that is daily stitched with the date, location and weather, together with the most important nature news of those days, become a proof of the artist’s presence within the moment, the connection with the natural environment, and compose a beautiful legacy that is going to be passed on.

Like a journal that collects memories of places, and also an object that is literally one of the most used objects, moved around as it is close to the beholder for its functionality, it will carry the scent, dust, stains, of every place that got in contact with and that the artist went to.

Having these three coordinates: DATE, LOCATION and WEATHER, it creates a union of the artist with present time and place. It encourages one to be present, to enjoy and be aware of the moment happening, just as it happening.

At the same time, the project aims to bring awareness for the natural environment, our impact on the planet, people’s need for consumerism and objects that require a lot of our planet resources. Having the news regarding our planet, is both a question and a response in real time of our foot print, making one aware of what needs are there to carry inside the personal bags.

Meaning ‘long lasting’ in the Chinese culture, number 9 marks a complete cycle passed from generation to generation, where childhood slowly takes place into adulthood. It is a way of marking awareness of each step, each stage of one’s life.

Started at 09.09.2021, at 36 of age, in the same year when the artist daughter turns 9, it marks the beginning of the legacy that it is going to be passed on. Between 9 and 18, one’s life is pretty static, with days being very similar in tasks and sensations, since the responsibilities and activities do not differ as much from one day to another. However, during that time, one experience first love, disappointment, moments of extreme happiness, curiosity and excitement. The sensations and emotions are flooding in a way that shapes the road to adulthood.

The first exhibition, marking the first cycle, is going to welcome the journey to adulthood, when the artist’s daughter turns 18, and can start to participate in expressing the here and now as a conscious, mature individual. This period is a flourishing period of interacting with the world, growing connections end even starting her own family.

At 27, the legacy is completely passed on, and it marks a moment when the artist’s daughter receives the project as a gift that has grown among time. The most important lesson is that instead of wearing

The most important lesson that is passed on is the fact that true happiness stands in the small things of life, and that true value is not contained in the commercials, advertisements or anything material, but rather, finding happiness in the simplicity and presence of the moment itself. It is our duty to protect nature, and in this way, to protect ourselves.

With reverence towards nature, the life values and recollections are being offered as a valuable present, that can be, at the next set of 9 years passed either to her child or a special person. In this way the project aims to life forever.

Showing the importance of time in one’s evolution, the memos stitched on the bags are going to compile emotions and days that either go unnoticed, or days that feel either draining or extraordinary. Like a journal, it marks the quality of life, our connection to nature, how one chooses to experience and be alive each day, showing the evolution and the journey taken though life.