a beautiful life

embroidery thread, gauze, iron. 2400 × 4000 × 8000cm, 2020

Suzhou, a distant city. The installation “a beautiful Life” deduces the traditional embroidery technology with modern techniques, showing a different imagination of embroidery in the course of stitching. The bright light passes through the soft gauze texture, just like the modern new “life” connects the traditional Suzhou, breaking the old impression and giving full care to it at the same time, giving everyone who is immersed in it a cordial feeling like a spring breeze. The inspiration of “a beautiful Life” comes from su embroidery master Liang Xuefang. According to Ms. Liang, her mother often told her when she was young that people in Suzhou were used to calling embroidery “doing chores”. Therefore, to do embroidery is to return to life, one stitch at a time, one thread open and one close, and the idea of “a beautiful life” seems to be a touch of warmth that can not be removed from childhood, bearing the touch of the past.