jujuwang,Chinese American installation artist, graduated from UC Berkeley. Inspired by Eastern philosophy and principles of humility, inner peace, and down to earth-ness, jujuwang’s practice is intertwined with her exploration of the meaning of life and her lived experience, where she explores the common ground between time, nature, and culture. Her works have been exhibited in China, U.S., France, England, Switzerland, Korean, and have received wide attention. At the same time, she has had numerous successful collaborations with top luxury brands including AP, AUDI, DIOR, CANADA GOOSE, CARTIER, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY etc. In 2019, jujuwang was one of the three global talents to receive “Swarovski Designer of the Future Award”. In 2020, she was enlisted as one of the young artists on the "YOUTH POWER" by "ART POWER100" China, and was awarded "Young Artist of the Year" by Robb Report. From 2019-2020, she was awarded "Future Leader of the Year" and "Committee Leader of the Year" by AmCham Shanghai. In 2022, she was awarded outstanding overseas returnee by Forbes China.


  • "can we please last forever?" westbund art center, Shanghai, China;
  • “unity, in the name of galaxy", ifs, Chengdu,China;
  • “tipsy above the moon", tx center, shanghai; tianyi plaza, ningbo, China;


  • "scene 360 - teleportation", hangzhou center, hangzhou, china;
  • “a beautiful life", infinite growth, SM xiamen, xiamen, china;
  • “intrusion", metamorphic ecosphere, Hyundai art center, beijing, China;
  • solo exhibition "nothing is wasted in nature or in love", chengdu art museum, chengdu, China;
  • “bee_", xintiandi, shanghai, China;
  • group exhibition, UBP, Moraco;


  • "prairie", China world mall, beijing, China;
  • "once upon a time", tianhou palace, shanghai, China;
  • “unbalanced bowtie", x super city exhibition, nanjing, China;


  • group exhibition "mickey:the true original exhibition world tour", yuz museum, shanghai, China;
  • solo exhibition "Let there be light", maike group, xi'an, China;
  • installation "greatness of nature"&"greatness of human" exhibition, ecco flagship, shanghai, China;
  • solo exhibition "balanced", 70sqm gallery, shanghai, China;
  • "happy birthday" permanent outdoor art installation, centennial park, shanghai, China;


  • installation “cocoon", design shanghai, shanghai, China;
  •  “sharp and elegant" group exhibition, Liangzhu Village Cultural Art Center, hangzhou, China;
  • “kimokawa" group exhibition, westbund art fair, shanghai, China;
  • nanjing peace forum, nanjing, China;
  • “su reflection" group exhibition, suzhou, China;
  • "overgrown" group exhibition, shanghai, China; 
  • ART POWER 100 Art season & Han Yi Youth Power Exhibition, Beijing, China; 
  • “Jian Zi Ru Mian" group exhibition, Liu Haisu Museum, Shanghai, China; 
  • solo exhibition "house of strawberries", the Artling, Shanghai, China;


  • "Daoism", Design Miami/Miami, United States;
  •   installation "up north", Beijing SKP Mall;
  • JUJUWANG X Canada Goose, "Shanghai City Sense";
  • solo exhibition "back to the origins", Gallery Scene Ouverte, Paris, France; 
  • "meeting the future" group exhibition, SxV MoMA, Qingdao, China;
  • "IOAF" group exhibition, The Obaek Jang-goon Gallery, Jeju Island, Korea;
  • installation "sea-cret", Design Miami/Basel, Switzerland;
  • Swarovski permanate installation "crystal cave", Chengdu Taikooli;


  • "Intimate Design" group exhibition, in collaboration with LEXUS, Beijing 798 Art Factory;
  • "Art of Takumi" group exhibition, in collaboration with LEXUS, Shanghai Powerlong Museum & Chengdu Taikooli;
  • "The Power of Women" exhibition, in collaboration with Audemars Piguet, CHAO art center, Beijing;
  • installation "restless", W hotel, Shanghai; 
  • solo exhibition, Shanghai Duoyunxuan Art Museum;
  • installation "snowflakes", Shanghai Intercontinental Hotel, Duoyunxuan Art Museum;
  • installation "lift a finger, lift a smile", Shanghai Exibition Center;
  • installation " trigger cell", Beijing Minsheng Museum;
  • installation "cashless trip", Beijing International Airport;


  • installation "Explore the future", shanghai, China;


  • solo exhibition "PalaSee", Nanjing Chaotian Palace;


  • installation "House of Clouds", Shanghai exhibition center, Shanghai Big World, Luozhongli Museum, Duoyunxuan Art Museum, UNESCO headquarter;


  • 2022 Forbes China 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees;
  • 2021 "greatness of human" DesiDaily top 15 commercial design of the year;
  • 2020 “Young Artist of the Year" Award by Robb Reprot;
  • 2020 “Committee Leader of the Year" by AmCham Shanghai;
  • 2020 SOHO HOUSE Art Prize Runner-up;
  • 2020 enlisted 2019 "YOUTH POWER 30" by "ART POWER 100";
  • 2019 "Future Leader of the Year" Award by AmCham Shanghai;
  • 2019 "Designers of the Future" Award by Swarovski;
  • 2019 "Asia’s new Pioneer" title by Generation T.;
  • 2018 "Spacial Artist of the year" by 10th Saint Angelo Pioneer Art Festival;
  • 2018 "China’s new Pioneer" title by Generation T.;
  • 2018 "Artistic Star Award of the Year" by PCLADY;
  • 2016 "Culture Heritage Award" by Design Shanghai;
  • 2008 "National COMTO Scholar" The Thomas G. Neusom Scholarship;
  • 2004-2008 recipient of Cal Opportunity Scholarship;
  • 2007 "UC Berkeley College of Engineering Department Award" by Bechtel Engineering Scholarship;
  • 2006" Northern California Chapter COMTO Scholar" The Sharon Banks Scholarship;
  • 2004 UC Berkeley Alumni Leadership Scholarship;
  • 2004 Bechtel Women in Engineering Scholarship;
  • 2004 Turner Construction Scholar, The Achievement Scholarship;
  • 2004 Port of Oakland ASA Scholarship;
  • 2004 Bank of America, Outstanding Student Award