stainless steel,plants, 520x600x330cm, 2023 (in collaboration with Guerlain)

To find the garden, follow the bee.

Bee is a metaphor of hope. At the moment when we look around at a loss in our lives, to find the “bee” and follow its signal in order to go in the right direction and reach the beautiful destination.

Integrating the observation of the beehive in nature into her creation; contrary to common sense, she restores the regular hexagonal beehive image into a variety of structures in nature, and at the same time precisely forms a mutually supportive whole to show the ever-changing and seamless masculinity of nature at the micro level. The work reflects the different aspects of the real world around us in a stainless steel hexagonal structure composed of more than a thousand non-repetitive mirrors, whereas tiny individuals and the city center in which we live reflect each other in the mapping of time and space.

At the same time, the artist went to the destroyed and reconstructed rainforest in Tianzi Mountain in Yunnan Province, visited the “Guerlain Road” that fostered the diversity of orchids, and realized the mutual dialogue and symbiotic relationship between various populations in nature. collect the clay in the rainforest, and finally form a miniature ecosystem that surrounds a “garden” in the center of the city for us in the honeycomb structure. The growing plants are constantly breaking through the restrictions in a stretching and upward posture, expanding outward and extending the white-body boundary from the gap of the honeycomb structure.

The title of the work “bee_” not only pays tribute to the contribution and unlimited possibilities that bees bring to the world, but also shows Guerlain’s long-cherished cause of social responsibility and giving back to nature in the name of beauty. Beauty has unlimited possibilities, and we can write down our answers in every field in hope of changing the world.