silk, threads, gears, 860x790x250cm, 2021 (in collaboration with 1436)

The clouds are always improvising, but the artist is the wind. The installation aims to create a sacred environment, inspired by my travel experiences of Ordos view of heaven, Erdo’s vision of precision. A temple-like popup that shows reverence and its deepest respect towards nature and lives in general.

Inspired by the moving wind on the open prairie, the popup impersonate a composition done to represent free flow of air. Using the shapes of the wind to divide the popup into many organic “rooms”, each with a different purpose. To represent the Mongolian prairie heaven and beliefs, the installation contains the constantly changing landscape with prairie with sheep, clouds, houses, roads, represented by soft stitched lines on the surface of the semi-transparent drapes.

The installation generates a heaven like environment, soft, semi-transparent, a temple of the natural environment that moves freely and changes constantly, leaving the public lightweight and in a state of tranquillity.