acrylic, velvet,22×22×22cm,2017(in collaboration with Aqua de Parma)

The story behind the approach is to follow aristocratic and sophisticated Italian tradition by outlining the unforgettable sillage of the perfume. A way to bring up the elegance and the luxurious scent of the Peony Nobile was to use the peony flower as main motif in designing the package. In this way the concept was to reveal the exclusivity and timeless of the perfume in the peony’s flower bloom. With the same radiant feminism as the sent, the box itself is an interpretation of the blooming flower, which reveals the beauty of the iconic yellow perfume when it is opened. At the same time, a refined alchemy between the Italian tradition and Chinese culture is being brought up by using traditional handcrafted Chinese velvet elements, that are interpretation of the flower’s stamens. Handmade crafted flower is one of the 5 traditional Chinese techniques that compose the Chinese identity and in this the way, a Chinese touch it is integrated into the package in a delicate way.