dai paper, lead, 500x500x350cm, 2020

With over 800 years of history, dai paper originated in a small place called Manzhao Village, Yunnan village, where a total of just 196 households live.

In ancient times, Dai paper was mainly used to copy Dai scriptures. In 2006, Dai paper was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in China, with the promotion and protection of the country. Today, Dai paper is slowly becoming integrated with our modern lives, used in packaging, household objects or artistry work.

The installation aims to state the enthralling qualities and long history of the traditional, back to the roots Dai paper, and the need for disconnecting from our fast paste, technological lifestyles. A spherical display of two pieces of 3,5×10 meters Dai paper forming an enclosed, protective environment, portrays the cyclic way of passing time, and the need from time to time to leave the outside world and return within ourselves. 

Inspiration arose from an “unplugging” tradition when on a Friday evening, at sunset, every member of the family shuts down all electronic devices until the sun rises. That time is used exclusively for the family gathering, completely disconnected from the outside world and completely connected at a human level with the other family members.

An intimate space with relaxing music, soft light and aromatic incense represents an enclosed, almost meditative space, cut-out form the busy and noisy general atmosphere if the design fair. People are invited to come and interact with the objects in a quiet, intimate space. The paper is the biggest in the world and the size itself represent an impressive attraction point.