greatness of nature

cow skin, metal wire, light belt, 500x250x250cm, 2021 (in collaboration with ecco)

We art part of the interrelated natural world along with all other organisms but our size and roles in the nature’s cycle of life, are just fractions compared to the great scale of the universe.
Inspired by the moving waves found in nature, the wind across the water surface, the movement of trees crown, the flowing prairie on the open field, the installation represents the wind motion of the grass in a brief moment stuck in time. Everything is dynamic in nature, constantly moving and changing in a symphony of life happening at any given time.
Transparent leather stripes impersonate a dynamic image of a moving wave, activated by the blow of the viewer. The public own breath is the one that activates the installation to light up, showing that even the smallest puzzle piece has an important role at the large scale.