growing carpet

paper, seed, 3500*10000*4500mm, 2022

“Growing Carpet” is a profound testament to the intricate connections between humanity and the world, where our planet transforms into a collective living room adorned with a woven paper carpet. This captivating installation celebrates the beauty of Dai paper, a material that resonates with ancient wisdom and serves as a profound medium for human expression.
The woven paper carpet symbolizes not only the artistry of human creation but also the inherent connection with our surroundings. It carries the hope of forging bonds between our souls, while simultaneously evoking a higher sense of spirituality. In the language of nature, creatures propagate to bring forth springs, and plant propagation gives rise to botany, showcasing the eternal cycle of life.
The paper carpet, meticulously sown in the garden, gradually dissolves over time, mirroring the ephemeral nature of existence. The magic lies where even as the paper carpet fades away, the natural world persists, with the plants taking root and flourishing. It underscores the wisdom of nature, its remarkable resilience, and the profound interconnectedness that ties everything together.
“Growing Carpet” invites us to explore the world as our living room, a sanctuary for exploration and discovery, and an opportunity to connect with the spiritual depths within each individual. It’s a reminder of the enduring power of nature and how everything in our world is intrinsically linked, offering us valuable insights into the delicate yet resilient balance of life.