foam, real lacquer, moss, 1500*1800*3500mm, 2022

The work, initially conceived as a symbol of beauty, transcends the conventional aesthetic into something far more profound. It morphs from a mere adornment into a religious prayer beads necklace, provoking contemplation on the eternal and the spiritual rather than just the visually pleasing.
Its core questions not only the notions of beauty and ugliness but also delve into the spiritual journey of every individual. This piece challenges us to consider life and immortality, what endures beyond the boundaries of time, and the spiritual essence that lies beneath mere appearances.
The choice of material becomes an emotional symbol of immortality, akin to the immortal moss it mirrors. This moss, treated to endure through the ages, establishes a connection between life and death. It reminds us of the eternal cycle of existence, just as this necklace prompts us to reflect upon the deeper spiritual aspects of our lives.
Its oversized dimensions disrupt the boundaries between reality and artifice, mirroring our contemporary times where the concept of beauty, especially in the age of the internet and social media, often conceals the authentic nature of objects and individuals.
This necklace invites the viewer to explore its connection to people, culture, and the profound meanings that beauty holds, extending beyond the material aspects and delving into the realms of psychology and identity. It is a piece that challenges one to look beyond the surface and seek the spiritual depth that connects us all.