kimo kawa

clay, beads. 400×20×300cm, 2020

Derived from dreams, a cocktail of both anger and pleasure, disgust and enchantment kimo-kawa states the story of the world we live in, a world of contrasts coexisting in pure harmony and balance. Kimo meaning ‘disgust’ and Kawa that is translated into ‘beauty’, compose a story of a ‘disgustingly beautiful’ objects born from the conflicting, opposite, yet complementary aspects of the reality that surround us.

The collection of small sculptures impersonates this duality, referring to the existing two parts of the world, often with opposite meanings, such as good and evil, peace and war, up and down, soft and strong, reality and imagination. The core of the Chinese philosophy itself, the yin and yang, contains these aspects of our lives that appear oppose another, but actually complement each other for the good of the whole, bound together as parts of a functional whole. One cannot be the bottom of the mountain without having a top.

The duality is also visible in our lives. There cannot be happiness unless one has known sadness, there cannot be excitement unless one has known apathy, one cannot experience love unless has known loss, there cannot be light without our darkness.

Made out of Chinese clay, it uses force and physical strength to produce something delicate, soft and fragile, it comes from a process of torment in order to heal and clear the mind and heart. The abstract shapes leave place for the imagination of the viewer, for each individual to recognize a terrifying and intimidating feeling that has been carried around, while the reflective beads recall the fact that everything in the end is able to spark with optimism and enchantment.

Dancing away the duality music of reality, one can recognize the fact that without the negative, most challenging ways of life Overgrown cannot occur. At times, it takes hardships, emotional shocks, environment changes, abrupt events, for one to be able to overcome own state and evolve into the best version that can be reached. It is the dark side of things that takes us to the most uplifting, enlighten one.