steel, gold, etc,300x300x200cm,2018

The idea of life cycle is central to the natural world: the tree has to shed it leaves when the temperature drops in autumn; the river erodes its banks, the cold front will deposit its rain; the tide has to rise and fall. The laws of nature are governed by forces nobody chose, no one can resist and which brook no exception. When we contemplate we’re witnessing rules that in their broad irresistible structure apply to ourselves as well. Everything has a purpose, everything happens in a specific way, after in a perfect balance with natural energy flows. The installation, inspired by the cyclic movement brings people together in an interactive environment where the glowing Chinese golden leaf is moving just like sun travels on the sky. With a sense of serenity and calm, the soft movement is a reminder for people that no matter the events, everything reaches to a perfect balance in the end. In the same manner, it represents a connection of people with the passing time, of the way that it restless flying, and it invites to cherish and enjoy every moment.