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From ROBB Report / Published on 05/28/2020

JUJU WANG: Butterfly of Love

Artist JUJU WANG presents the Jaquet Droz Love Butterfly Automatic Doll Watch

For inspiration, the exclusive cover of “Robb Report” is exclusively created.

In 1774, the “The Draughtsman” automatic doll created by Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz depicts a picture of the “Butterfly of Love” – ​​the flying butterfly affects the God of Cupid. The car Cupid rides on is full of fun. Today, the master craftsman of JAQUET DROZ takes this painting as inspiration to reinterpret this story. The traditional symbolic image of passionate love – the beauty of angels and butterflies, the Loved Butterfly (LOVING BUTTERFLY) automatic doll watch The new work is further improved. Craftsmen use multi-layered designs to give the dial unprecedented depth, and use rich and diverse details to create a lifelike artistic conception that is dazzling and mesmerizing.

“The work on the dial is about Psyche, the goddess of the soul (‘soul’ or ‘breath of life’) and Cupid (‘desire’ or ‘love’), the god of love, overcoming all obstacles between them to finally unite in holy matrimony The story.” Artist JUJU WANG made a more in-depth exploration of the rich content on the dial. In her opinion, “For this watch, the exquisite craftsmanship not only tells the time with Swiss precision, but also tells the story of the watch. The story behind it.” In the process of creating the cover of this issue of “Robb Report”, she also pursued the parallelism of time and story, emphasizing the organic combination of the two, which complements the Jacques Droz brand spirit.

At first glance, the background color of the cover seems to be pure black, but upon closer inspection, we find that there are black lines of different thicknesses floating on the pure black background. The artist uses this to imply that “time cannot be seen or grasped, but it can heal.” everything”. Inspired by time and its precision, JUJU WANG artistically “translates” hours and minutes into rigid straight lines: 12 thick lines represent hours and 48 thin lines represent minutes, which together form a complete 60 units on the dial. cycle. She further elaborated: “The minimalist lines of black on black show the mysterious and rigid way that time irrevocably passes, and our humility in the face of time.”

Above the lines, we see butterflies flying with poetic fluorescence, just like the beautiful notes flowing from the piano score, dreamlike, sprinkling stardust all the way, as if it is the butterfly of love on the dial of the automatic doll watch. An extension of the story. JUJU WANG continued: “Above the passing time, the myths of Cupid and Psyche are being released in the shape of flying butterflies, playing magically and flowing freely.” Because Psyche is often considered to be the symbol of the human soul. It is a symbol of deification and is often represented by butterfly wings, so the artist uses butterflies on the cover to represent the human soul, expressing people’s lingering and expectations in the passage of time. “If the original story represents the unity of love and trust, then this cover will make you remember the way this watch unites time and story.” said the artist.

“Secret of the Sea” (sea-cert), JUJU WANG, 2019

Color-changing acrylic, Swarovski crystal, mirror, etc., size variable

Artist JUJU WANG was born in Shanghai, China, and grew up in the United States. He holds a master’s degree in transportation engineering and urban planning from the University of California, Berkeley. Deeply influenced by the cultures of the two countries, her artistic works combine Eastern culture and Western aesthetics, and are presented in the form of urban architectural renovation and installation art, allowing traditions (techniques, patterns, culture) to return to people’s vision. . JUJU WANG’s works are regularly exhibited in China, such as Shanghai World, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Chongqing Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Beijing Capital International Airport, Chengdu Taikoo Li, Duoyunxuan Art Museum, etc. Her works “Cloud House”, “Looking at the Palace” 》 and other art installations have won many awards. In 2019, JUJU WANG’s large-scale installation “Secret of the Ocean” was presented at Design Miami Basel 2019. In the same year, the artist’s first solo exhibition in France, “BACK TO THE ORIGINS”, was held at the SCENE OUVERTE gallery located in the heart of Paris No. 7. The exhibition uses a series of works to reflect the self-reflection of JUJU WANG, who has lived in the United States since childhood, on his journey of self-discovery after returning to China. The artist reinterprets traditional Chinese techniques such as embroidery, gold foil, Chinese silk, and Dai paper, and introduces them to the public in a modern style. The creative techniques are not only derived from Eastern techniques, but also integrate the latest technologies and materials of Western culture. In Eastern and Western cultures, In the collision, return to the origin.

House of Strawberries (detail), JUJU WANG, 2020

Clay, crystal, mirror, etc., size variable

The new solo exhibition “House of Strawberries”, which opens on April 30, will present new works with the same name as the exhibition. “Strawberry encompasses multiple layers of understanding and perception, representing central themes of the way we irreversibly influence our surroundings, our impact on the planet, and the core of our development, from the conditioning of the self through motherhood and childhood, to cultural identity, The influence of belonging and globalization, to the simplicity of black and white minimalist artistic language and the importance of shape expression.” Regarding this work, the artist said, “The work embodies the concept of time and how things and environments change over time. Evolving and constantly changing over a long or shorter period of time. Vertical striped mirrors of different thicknesses evoke people’s reflection on self-evolution and the importance of time itself. In addition to visual effects and the expansion of infinite space, we have an obligation to protect history and respect our The growth process, protect our environment, and make the future a better today.” The exhibition will be presented at The Artling space on the first floor of Building 31, No. 322 Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai, and will last until June 30.