acrylic, Swarovski crystals, mirror, 300×400×600cm,2019

‘In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.’
With this idea in mind, the work embodies a flickering moment of the sun’s reflection on the ocean surface on a summer day. The sea-cret for every person becomes a personal experience, since we are all so deeply linked to water, and encourages the pubic to remember and to recall their own connection to it. The space extends the senses in this illusory environment where, for a glimpse of time, the viewers can disconnect from the fast paste reality, unleashing their minds in an infinite floating space, bathing in sea smell and ocean sounds, complemented by the mesmerizing beauty of the Swarovski crystals.

sea-cret explores kinetic architectural facades inspired by the importance of water, and how a dynamic patterned design creates calmness and depth in a space. Embracing Swarovski’s heritage and the integral role water has played in the brand’s history, the three-dimensional immersive experience breaks the boundaries of a classical flat surface.

Surrounded by mirrors, the installation uses 830,000 crystals in five bespoke color ways from Swarovski Crystal Rocks to recreate the effect of sparkle on the water’s surface. Offering visitors more than just a visual experience, Wang’s installation also features a bespoke soundtrack and even scent to encourage visitors to slow their pace and enjoy the contemplative atmosphere. The music features the sounds of footsteps on sand, waves crashing on the shore and children playing, captured by the designer when walking along the beach in Greece.