Wangderland is a project born out of the need in reminding us, the human beings, about the great nature and the natural environment, the home that breads and supports our living organism, the place that stories are nourished, dreams contour themselves, a place to run back to, and at the same a place to get lost into. Embedded into our genes, the project aims to create an ode to the natural environment, how we interact with it and how it impacts us. Previous installations, all nature inspired, were displayed inside artificial mediums: museums, art galleries, fairs and etc. With this initiative, the works are exhibited directly in nature, making the public more connected to the art process, the inspiration root, understanding and experiencing with their very senses the artistic process. Made out of nonintrusive materials, intended to construct and deconstruct on site, the project follows not only the way that nature impacted the artist into producing the work of art themselves, but also the impact that nature has on the work of art. Wind, changing temperature, humidity or the lack of it, directly influences the art installation exposed outdoor, watching nature being antrue artist itself. This dialogue between art and nature, creates a symbiosis of feelings, materialized into shapes without a concrete final outcome, always changing, metamorphosing, leaving the viewer curious to return and see how the landscape has continued to shape the work. Crossing various landscapes, every moment becomes a unique one, from the creation point to the moment that the viewer interacts with the installation, composing a contemporary botanical atlas.

She’s got beautiful madness tangled in her hair.

In the flow of galaxy, i’m the sun to her moon.

She (nature) who always wears the color of the spirit.

The leaves are changing, I feel poetry in the air.

We are all born to help each other.

I have promises to keep, and miles to go, before I sleep.

Nature has ropes, and ropes of pearls.

Not all classrooms have four walls.

One flag, one land, one earth.

mind, body & soul.