neon lights, acrylics, paint, 500*4200*30cm, 2021
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neon lights, acrylics, paint, 500*4200*30cm, 2021.

History is part of our identity and influences our way of perceiving life.

The Caoyang market was a rich and flavorful place, from the beautiful scent Chinese street food, to the stunning color pop of flowers, to the exquisite lines of handmade objects to the savory of local vegetables and fruits. It represents a place for people to cherish and spread the Chinese culture among locals and curious travelers.

To honor the old Caoyang market, and to give back to the community, the wall reconversion serves as a portrait brought to the locals whose talent and care, enriched the community through the products that they sold.

The five-star gate, a relic that has stood in the Caoyang community over the past hundred years, coming the inspiration and core value of this artwork. A composition with local inspired elements connected by the 5 stars unveiling the history, the environment, the value, and the peoples in the Caoyang community. The wall will be kept visible as much possible, having the former stores exposed through the soft lights.

We inherit from our ancestors, our offsprings inherit from us, the wall is a perfect example of such concept. May our values, our spirits, and our positivities to be pass down this stream of generations for years to come.