Youth 100+ | JUJU WANG: Pure emotional expression under rational thinking

From Genting Art / Published on 01/06/2021

When we appreciate installation art, we not only see the work itself, but also see the various possibilities when we interact with the work in the space, or stimulate memories of the past, or generate thoughts and emotions. Installation artists While conveying one’s own emotions, it also brings infinite resonance and emotion to the audience.The installation works created by JUJU WANG, after absorbing the essence of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, release energy and grow freely.,duration05:51Video source: ART POWER 100

JUJU WANG, installation artist, graduated from University of California, Berkeley. He is good at extracting creative inspiration from traditional culture and nature, and combining it with contemporary art methods for artistic expression.

Her works have been exhibited in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Korea and other places, and are favored by many international first-line brands including ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, AUDI, CANADA GOOSE, DIOR, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY, etc. Invited to carry out cross-border cooperation with brands. In 2019, she was awarded the “Swarovski Designer of the Future” award, one of the top three in the world; in 2020, she was listed on the 30 Young Artists in China’s Art Power List, and won the Robb Report “Young Artist of the Year” award. In 2019-2020, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai awarded her the “Future Leader of the Year” and “Committee Chair of the Year” awards.

Think rationally but don’t rely on technology

JUJU WANG is a rare artist with strong rational thinking. Usually artists are more emotional than rational. However, as a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in civil engineering, her rational thinking has been fully trained, and this kind of rational thinking has even been integrated into her. in the subconscious mind.

“House of Clouds”, 2016

This rationality is reflected in the interpretation of things that trigger her inspiration and the careful consideration of materials and structures in creation. Therefore, JUJU said frankly that she is very grateful to her background in science and engineering. The professional knowledge allowed her to realize the vision in her mind. The artist’s sensibility gives her the possibility to think without boundaries, and her engineering background supports her to think logically. She often uses 3D modeling to increase the feasibility of the installation.

” Trigger the Cell”, 2017

But when it comes to the use of technology, JUJU has a cautious attitude. Technology will certainly make life more convenient and efficient, but when returning to the relationship between humans and nature, real experience and feelings are the most direct and pure. Computers Technology is missing the most precious emotion. Therefore, there is little emphasis on technology in her works.

House of Strawberries, 2020

Expressing my feelings excites me more

The creation of JUJU WANG is more about interpreting inner feelings, a “non-practical” pure emotional expression, rather than giving the work functions. It is the function of the designer to create products that solve life problems. What JUJU creates is a An independent universe that exists only within her.

” Desire Desire”, 2017

On the surface, art creates “useless” things, but it is these things that carry spiritual hope and sustenance. When this society is increasingly dominated by utilitarianism and impetuosity, artists should be the most courageous to stand up and express the purest and truest feelings in their hearts.

“Vo Kohrn”, 4000*6000, 2020

For JUJU, her works are her first feelings about space and things. When entering a space, she listens to what the space says to her, and those heartfelt voices guide her to express her true feelings.

JUJU said that the program of installation art is: space, material and emotion.

” Palasee”, 2016

What she does is to express her inner true emotions through the understanding and application of different materials in a specific space. The sublimation of this expression benefits from the intense dialogue between the audience and the creators who enter this space, who give the works different emotional attributions and memory marks.

“Secrets of the Sea-cret Ocean”, 2019

The future is hard to predict, so I focus on the present

Nature and traditional culture have always been the main sources of inspiration for JUJU’s creations. She respects and enjoys nature, which is ultimately reflected in her fascination with light, shadow and mirrors. The sunlight passing through the leaves presents a surreal shadow, creating a beautiful picture in JUJU’s heart. Nature brings us a relaxing and pleasant sensory experience, which is the enjoyment of the moment and the awe of life.

“Snowflakes”, 2017

The Western life background gives JUJU the motivation to express freely, but deep down he is passionate about Eastern culture. The contemporary interpretation of traditional handicrafts is not only the historical responsibility of artists, but more importantly, the essence that has accumulated over time should enter people’s lives. This is the correct way to inherit the tradition.

“Palasee”, 2016

In October last year, JUJU created a new work “Making Life”. The work reproduces the heartbeat of the embroidery master Liang Xuefang when she was creating. The silk threads connect the embroiderer’s life and the ups and downs of his life. In Suzhou dialect, “doing life” means “doing things.” It is the ultimate pursuit of integrating your passion into your blood and doing only one thing in your life.

“A Beautiful Life”, 2020

This is not only a tribute to tradition, but also full of JUJU’s expectations for itself, integrating the things it loves into life. The future is always difficult to predict, but what can be predicted is persistence and ultimate enjoyment of every moment.