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From iWeekly / Published on 07/14/2018

The word “artisanal” actually comes from the Preface to the Collected Works of Meng Haoran written by Wang Shiyuan in the Tang Dynasty: “The text is not based on ancient times, but the artisanal mind is unique and skillful”. Craftsmanship” here does not mean insistence on monotonous and boring labor, or conservative thinking, but “ingenuity”. From July 5th to 11th, an event organized by Weekend Illustrated under the banner of Modern Communications, exclusively sponsored by Lexus, and co-organized by art platform Modern Art, will be held to celebrate the “Heavenly Craftsmanship” and “Breakthrough of Imagination”. From July 5th to 11th, a program organized by Weekend Illustrated, a subsidiary of Modern Art, exclusively sponsored by Lexus and co-organized by the art platform Modern Art, was held at the first floor of Quantum Light in Taikoo Li, Sino-Ocean, Chengdu, presenting the “Heavenly Craftsmanship and Future Fantasy Journey”. Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, Chengdu has unique historical genes and future opportunities for traditional and innovative artistic imagination.

Eight artists from different fields and conceptual styles, including Liang Xuefang, Juju Wang, Wang Qi, Zheng Jing and Zheng Wenqing, Liu Jiayu, Yu Ji, and Zhao Yinyin, bring their own understandings of traditional oriental art and their imaginations of the future world around the theme of “Craftsmanship and Transmission of the Heart”. In the explanation of Ms. Cao Dan, curator, senior media person, former publisher of Art News/Chinese Edition and Art World, “This exhibition is not only related to the craftsmanship of ‘artisans’, but also to understand what is ‘artisanship’ from a new dimension. ‘, constructing an inspiring and communicative scenario through a cross-media and interdisciplinary approach, broadening the horizons of the industry with contemporary culture and aesthetics, and using the inheritance of skills as a starting point to demonstrate to the public the possibilities and diversity of the living legacy of traditional culture.”

“Out of the box” is an inspired expression of artist JUJU WANG in his creations. While traveling in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, the artist was infected by the ancient and simple texture of Dai paper, which is made through 12 processes, and the exhibited works are full of the artist’s reverence for nature and craftsmanship piety. Nowadays, life is mostly filled with industrial paper, which is as rough and lacking in texture as the uniform life. Artist JUJU WANG hopes to regain the temperature of handmade crafts under the international perspective, and “Cloud House” is born as a result. The artist allows the audience to fully interact with the work, rather than passively accepting the artist’s expression.

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