Immerse Yourself in Swarovski’s Sparkling Designers of the Future

From Nplus by Noblesse / Published on 06/11/2019
Swarovski Designers of the Future 2019 Design Basel

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On Tuesday, June 11 at the opening of Design Miami/ BaselSwarovski revealed the three winning commissions of the Swarovski Designers of the Future Award 2019. Chosen from worldwide submissions focusing on three categories—architectural surfaces and building materials, home décor, and lighting—this year’s winners include Juju Wang’s “Sea-cret,” Studio Klarenbeek & Dros’s “Reorient: Arctic Collection,” and Raffe Burrell’s “Reflection.”

Before creating their submission, each visited the Swarovski headquarters in Austria, where they were able to browse the brand’s archives, manufacturing building, and lighting and crystal studios. After working closely with Swarovski, they were able to conceptualize a project focused on technical innovation and top-quality crystal design.

Burrell’s “Reflection” is a series of lighting pieces inspired by the waterfalls surrounding Swarovski’s headquarters in the Tyrolean mountains of Austria. In the collection, an unconventional chandelier bearing resemblance to the Art Deco movement uses 2,608 crystals on a black powder-coated structure to reflect the shapes around it, just like water running down a mountain side. The collection also includes wall lights—a set of dazzling vertical strips that sparkle and glisten like water trailing down the wall.

Wang was also inspired by water in For “Sea-cret.” The Shanghai installation artist created an immersive experience where a maze-like construction of mirrors and 830,000 crystals recreates the effect of sunlight sparkling on the water’s surface. Fueled by the artist’s fascination with atmosphere and spatial tranquility, the installation is accompanied by a calming soundtrack of crashing waves (captured by Wang during a trip to Greece) and the scent of L.B.K Water from Shanghai’s Scent Library, urging visitors to take a step back, enjoy the moment, and relax.

And finally, referring to the ever-reducing Arctic ice cap, Dutch studio Klarenbeek & Dros presented a selection of 3D-printed crystal home décor objects, entitled “Reorient: Arctic Collection.” The collection of vases, trays, and emulate the sparkle of the Arctic waters in Aurora Borealis, Silver Shade, and Golden shadow. The collaboration marks important progress in Swarovski’s 3D crystal printing techniques, allowing for greater numbers in production and the potential for advancements like instant customization.

Now in its fifth consecutive year, Swarovski’s Designers of the Future Award is presented to designers who are able to move past the basics of design, focusing on technological and conceptual advancements, across multiple disciplines. This year’s award-winning commissions will remain on view through the last day of Design Miami/ Basel, on June 16.