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From ART POWER 100 / Published on 08/29/2020

I particularly like using mirrors, reflections, and glittery materials,

On the one hand, I subconsciously think that these materials represent a part of me.

My works use non-verbal techniques to talk to myself.

and indirect conversations with others.

In recent years, many lifestyles have been replaced by the Internet.

But I have always believed that one thing that cannot be replaced by the Internet is art!

The more difficult the time,

Art can actually bring people spiritual hope and sustenance.


Rising, 2018, 300 × 300 × 200cm, gold foil, glass, liquid, mirror stainless steel, etc., installation work

➡️ The concept of life cycles is at the heart of nature: trees must shed their leaves when temperatures drop in autumn; rivers erode their banks and cold fronts deposit rainwater; tides must rise and fall. The laws of nature are governed by forces that no one chooses. No one can resist them, and no one can make exceptions. When we meditate, we see the rules that apply equally to ourselves in their broad, irresistible structure. Everything has a purpose and everything happens in a specific way, in perfect balance with the flow of natural energy. The installation is inspired by cyclical movement, bringing people together in an interactive environment, with luminous gold foil moving like the sun across the sky. The gentle movement gives a sense of tranquility and calm, a reminder that no matter what happens, perfect balance will eventually be achieved. In the same way it represents one’s connection to passing time, its never-ending flight, it invites one to cherish and enjoy every moment.

” Cloud House 

Dai paper, fishing line, steel, etc., dimensions variable, 2015

➡️ Dai paper was born in the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. With an original and pure production process, it maintains an environmentally friendly tradition. With a history of more than 800 years, Dai paper craftsmanship was created during a period when man and nature respected each other. The installation combines handmade Dai paper with modern laser engraving technology, transforming traditional and rough handmade paper into an indoor “cloud house” with changing light and shadow. Let us in the city relax as if we were back in nature.

 Looking at the Palace 

Mirror stainless steel, acrylic, mulberry silk, etc., Nanjing Chaotian Palace “Site-Specific Art” series of installations, 2016

➡️ In 2016, he was invited by the Nanjing government to create a series of art installations for Chaotian Palace, the main venue of the 7th Nanjing Famous Cities Fair. Using Nanjing’s local materials and architectural details, we hope that through these four “Site-Specific Art Installations”, the audience can re-understand the beauty and shock of Chinese ancient architecture. The series of installations is named “Kangong”, which means “seeing the Chaotian Palace”. 


Color-changing acrylic, Swarovski crystal, mirror, etc., 6000×4000 ×2400, 2019

➡️ I grew up in the Bay Area of ​​California, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, so I spent many weekends at the beach and at sea. I especially like the sea in the evening, before the sun sets. Because it is very quiet and has a healing power. I prefer the picture of the sun shining on the sea, sparkling as the sea surface floats, it is particularly gentle and not dazzling. These images always appear in my mind, so there is this device: sea-cret, the secret of the ocean.


Wang Jue

A Chinese-American installation artist who is good at extracting creative inspiration from traditional culture and nature, and combining it with contemporary art methods for artistic expression. Her works have been exhibited in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Korea and other places, and are favored by many international first-line brands including ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, CANADA GOOSE, DIOR, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY, YSL, etc. Invited to carry out cross-border cooperation with brands. In 2019, she was awarded the “Swarovski Designer of the Future” award, one of three in the world. In the same year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai awarded her the “Future Leader of the Year” award.

2020 ART POWER 100 Unbounded Art Season

Hanyi Art Discovery Exhibition

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Event time: 2020/08/21~09/13

Event location: Beijing Quintiles Jiarui Cultural Center

Curator: Lu Zhengyuan

Participating artists: Chi Shilin, Chu Bingchao, Ding Ning, Gan Jian, Guo Xi, Han Bing, Hu Weiyi, Li Gang, Li Hanwei, Liu Wa, Liu Xiao, Liu Yazhou, Meng Xiaoyang, Pei Li, Pu Yingwei, Qian Jiahua, Shi Zi Yuan, Tong Kunniao, Tong Wenmin, Wang Jue, Wang Xiaoqu, Yang Muchi, Yang Yuanyuan, Ye Linghan, Yu Linhan, Yuan Keru, Zang Kunkun, Zhang Ruyi, Zhang Wenzhi

Co-sponsored by: ART POWER 100 Hanyi Font Quintiles Garui Cultural Center

In-depth media cooperation: CGTN Douyin Sohu News Himalaya NetEase Art Phoenix Art in Art

Art support organization: Platinum Crystal Art Research and Development Co., Ltd. FIJI Jiabul Carpet