People round our edges to be an acceptable social norm

From WeLens / Published on 05/24/2021

A question that many women are often asked: How do you balance family and career?

Mastering balance is a topic for everyone, but men are rarely asked this question because people often have greater expectations for women to contribute to the family. Taking family relationships and career development as the coordinate axis to measure women’s value virtually narrows the rich appearance of women and the multifaceted nature of their lives.

In fact, they can care about a variety of things, and they don’t need to be limited to family, relationships, work, or the roles expected by society. More importantly, they can listen to their hearts and have the courage to live for themselves.

In the complicated life, they grasp their own rhythm. Amidst the noise, they find their inner balance.

Don’t deliberately become anyone,Let your multifaceted selves coexist

Space, material, and emotion are the three elements that make up installation art. For JUJUWANG, the most important thing is the expression of emotion.

She is an engineer and has studied engineering for 9 years. This is a very rigorous profession, and every space must be strictly qualitative. As for her casual nature, she believes that “space can change” and she is even more aware that she still wants to create and express herself.

Growing up in California, USA, she returned to Shanghai after graduating from graduate school, where she also started her own installation art journey, and now brings her works to all over the world.

Nature is a major theme in her works. Leaves, snowflakes, oceans, glaciers… these natural elements can all become inspirations for creation, using installation art to show people the power of nature.

▲crystal cave. Inspired by the ice caves in Austria, people can explore the interior of the ice cave through stairs, gaining an experience that only a few people have the opportunity to get in real life.

▲ Below surface. “We are like islands in the ocean, separated on the surface but connected deep down.”

▲Sea-cret. The installation mimics the sun shining on the sea, creating a surreal feeling of tranquility.

Making installations is not an easy task. You usually have to travel to various cities, and it is often the case that the day and night are reversed. But you will never feel tired when you do what you love. “Because I like it and see what I imagined become a reality. It’s also very interesting for the public to appreciate it.””An artist is a particularly lucky profession that can integrate life and work. They have no boundaries. Because art comes from life.”

In his free time, JUJUWANG likes to spend time in the mountains. She also likes ancient cities and places, where she can sketch and feel. The passage of time brings not only the traces of time, but also the accumulation of culture.

JUJUWANG is also fascinated by traditional Chinese handicrafts. East and West, tradition and modernity, she has achieved a creative combination in her hands.

The longer she came back, the more she was infected by Eastern philosophy. “When I was a child, I would think that everything is in order, which is a good life. But in fact, it is not. In Eastern philosophy, there are good and bad. It’s like there’s yin and yang.”

▲Do life. Suzhou people are accustomed to calling embroidery “making life”, and doing embroidery is returning to life. The bright light passes through the soft gauze texture, connecting traditional Suzhou with new “life”, using modern techniques to interpret traditional embroidery craftsmanship, and showing a different imagination of embroidery every stitch.

▲ Overgrown. During the epidemic last year, she created many works related to “knots”. “You can think of knots as a knot in your life, or something you want to keep during this time. This form may be what 2020 means to me. ” meaning.”

In addition to being an artist, JUJUWANG is the mother of a 9-year-old girl. My daughter is an emotional support and a source of inspiration. When I get along with her, I can get inspiration inadvertently. While raising a daughter, I also grow myself, and these changes are also reflected in my works.

▲ Strawberry House. Inspired by the evolution of strawberries, which are easily bruised, the installation focuses on the fragility of the self and nature. There is also an underlying message that the mother wants to protect her child’s dietary health and safety.

Nowadays, JUJUWANG has learned more and more to accept his multi-faceted self. If he looks down on many things, his life will be more comfortable:”In the society we live in, everyone will round themselves out because they want to become a certain role. To coexist together is a balanced state.”
“Don’t deliberately become someone, and don’t deliberately do it for the sake of doing it. If you can have your own personality and live in harmony with the world, that is the highest state of life.”