RR · BOB | 2020 Person of the Year Winner: Young Artist of the Year

From RR.BOB / Published on 12/21/2020

Thinking people are the leaders of the times,

“Robb Report” pays tribute to this group of outstanding people with the Person of the Year Award.

They may respond to the times and think about the present through art,

Or ride the wind and clouds with wisdom and embrace the world,

Or use design to change lives and create beauty.

They closely follow the pulse of the times, have insights into social culture, and have extraordinary taste.

They are based on the present, influencing and creating a new future.

2020 “Best of the Best Robb’s Choice”

Young Artist of the Year Winners List


Young Artist of the Year

Cai Lei

Liu Jiayu


 Wu Qian

Zhou Siwei

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Young Artist of the Year


JUJU WANG was born in Shanghai and grew up in California. After returning to China, she took Shanghai as the axis and brought her installations and graphic works to many corners of the world. The memory of Shanghai has a profound impact on JUJU. It is the root of her fascination with traditional Chinese culture and the source of inspiration for her creations. She likes China’s long history and culture very much, and likes some old skills with Chinese elements. Not only does she like it, she also wants to trace it back to its origins and repeatedly chew on the intriguing stories behind the culture. These stories and memories can present different plots in her mind, making her obsessed.

After learning about JUJU’s various art projects and works, you will find an interesting situation – in all her creations, JUJU’s identity as an artist is intertwined with a lot of “designer” elements, which makes her creations closely related to many art academies. There is a clear distinction between artists who were born in the school, which is the second question mark for JUJU. The answer to this question is actually very simple. JUJU studied civil engineering, transportation engineering and urban planning at the University of California, Berkeley. “Design thinking” has long been one of her ways of thinking.

In JUJU’s opinion: “When doing installation art, the most important thing is space and emotion, and then the materials. Many times I will wait until I perceive which material speaks the most (inspires me). It may be difficult for you to learn from my works. I saw the pain and struggle.” In 2009, the first project JUJU participated in after returning to China was the Hermès House on Huaihai Road, which started cross-border cooperation with many first-line luxury brands. The art installations “Cloud House” and “Looking at the Palace” created since 2015 have been exhibited at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum and other institutions. In 2019, she was awarded one of the three “Swarovski Designer of One of the winners of the “Future” award; in the same year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai awarded her the “Future Leader of the Year” award; in 2020, she was listed on the “China Art Power List·30 Young Artists” list.

Reasons for award

JUJU WANG is good at extracting creative inspiration from traditional culture and nature, and combining it with contemporary art methods for artistic expression. Let the stories behind the works come to life, let the old times and the present come into contact, and these works can also become recorders of time.