Juju Wang solo: spring can’t be cancelled

From Better CHOICE / Published on 03/29/2021

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When you gently pull up the rope, the sunlight just passes through the gaps in the thin paper, flowing and pouring in the air and space. Time also rotates with the rhythm, freezing various emotions in the city.

Its name is “Cloud House”, and it sounds like you are being wrapped in the soft clouds, being touched and infected.

This is my favorite space when CHOICE was invited to participate in the installation artist JUJU WANG’s installation art exhibition “LET THERE BE LIGHT” held by Ruii Boutique in Xi’an.

“The charm of installation art is that the creator allows space, materials, and emotions to blend with each other to create a silent visual drama.”

“It is silent, but every detail reveals the artist’s thoughts, thoughts, and even life experiences.

Chinese-American installation artist, interactive magician in the art world, installation artist, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. He is good at extracting creative inspiration from traditional culture and nature, and combining it with contemporary art methods for artistic expression. Find thoughts and emotions about life from art, and use art to carry your spiritual hope and sustenance.
Her works have been exhibited in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Korea and other places, and are favored by international first-line brands including ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, CANADA GOOSE, DIOR, TIFFANY, YSL.
Better CHOICE As an old friend of Ruii Boutique, we are no strangers to spaces full of design, but when an excellent space is endowed with the charm of installation art, a whole new life bursts out here.


Spotlight, gold wire, wood board, acrylic

The first thing you see when you enter the door is the golden beam of light pouring down from the top of the building. “God said, let there be light.” And this beam of light is more like a sudden burst of light from the heart at the end of a daytime wandering. The light of the soul that emerges and obeys the heart.



wool, silk 

A wool tapestry full of childlike interest, you can clearly see the colorful childlike elements in it, a pair of feet raised high to form the shape of a heart, which was the inspiration brought to her by JUJU WANG’s daughter.

“No matter our age, gender, race, cultural background, education, we can find warmth expanding in every part of our body.” 

When we stand opposite and stop, a quiet and beautiful atmosphere envelopes our hearts, making our hearts soft and sentimental.

“SNOWFLAKES snowflakes”

Metal, gold foil, etc.

In this relatively independent space, the light reflected by metal and gold foil makes the walls look gorgeous. 

Different from the natural and soft light and shadow in “Cloud House”, here there is a more flamboyant and psychedelic feeling. The artist made the lens into 22 snowflakes, and the snowflakes formed a three-dimensional environment.

When entering it, different mirrors reflect different body parts, pulling people into the entire device in a non-negotiable way.

Psychedelic, changeable, and dreamy, this is not so much an installation as the entire space, including you, is part of the installation.

“OVERGROWN Savage Growth”

steel wire

Bow – girly, soft, innocent, pink…
 But the “savagely growing” bow can give a fatal blow in the heart, not only because of its huge shape spreading from the ceiling to the ground, but also because of those steel wires that look hard, full of edge and danger, but they can form such a Soft and flexible form.

When those steel wires are put together, they have a vague feeling, blending into the space like air, without feeling oppressive or heavy.

 Warm and quiet, hard and soft

“It represents the great curiosity that needs to transcend one’s own limitations. The moment one observes and understands oneself, that is the moment one is liberated.”

This exhibition contains a total of 17 works. In addition to the above, there are many interesting details waiting for everyone to discover.

Different from pure exhibitions, installation art is an interactive and complete art form. The sense of participation will be relatively strong and the memory will be more profound. When people participate in it, the feeling and love shown in a moment will leave a deep impression on them.

If you are looking for a beautiful corner of the city on this rare spring day, why not come here and have a look~ 


Date: March 28, 2021 – June 1, 2021

Time: 10:00-19:00

Location: 1st Floor, Maike Center, No. 12 Jinye Road, High-tech Zone, Xi’an

Ruii Boutique

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