X·Super City|Dream —— “Asymmetrical Butterfly Transformation”

From Louvre Purple Public Art / Published on 12/03/2022

“X · Super City”

Nanjing Vientiane World’s first public art season

Three Mountains Fantasy Five Parts: Entering a Dream

Chapter2 Dreaming

No destruction, no establishment

After breaking out of the cocoon, it is the test of self-reinvention

It is also a trial to transform into a butterfly and enter a dream.

JUJUWANG, “Asymmetric Butterfly Transformation” , stainless steel, cable tie, 2022

JUJUWANG,  Transform the Unbalanced , Stainless steel, Zip-ties, 2022

Elephant is tangible

Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching, “The great sound is like a sound, but the elephant is formless.” But the formless comes from the form, from form to form. After breaking out of the cocoon, where does one fall into a dream? In the first part, the cocoon breaks out in Yunzhang Gongsuo. The butterfly breaks out of the cocoon shell, goes straight into the sky, and hovers in the real space in the form of an entity. However, Vientiane World urgently needs to create a new boundary to give birth to a new image of butterflies .

Artist JUJUWANG was inspired by the tenacity, innovation and diversity of Nanjing, an ancient capital, and combined it with the iconic image that runs through Nanjing’s natural and cultural context – the butterfly. He hovered “Asymmetrical Butterfly Transformation” in Nanjing’s Vientiane World shopping mall. The atrium, as a concrete entrance to the dreamland, opens a gorgeous passage for the evolution of Nanjing’s super body.

silver butterfly wing

Echoing the Yunnan brocade hand-weaving culture, the work “Asymmetrical Butterfly” is hand-woven from 20,000 meters of stainless steel wire . Steel is a diverse and ever-changing metal material that shuttles between toughness and flexibility, polishing and corrosion. The plasticity of its gloss is a metaphor for individual perseverance, resistance and self-breakthrough, questioning the cycle of life and the changes in all things.

The bow across the mall atrium contains three different levels. The delicate hand-woven network structure dances under the light, inviting viewers to enter a dreamy interweaving from different angles, from the observation of self and Be liberated in understanding, like a butterfly spreading its silver wings, exploring its own potential and infinite possibilities .

soul butterfly change

Installation artist JUJUWANG was born in Shanghai and grew up in California, USA. The dual cultural characteristics of East and West have produced a wonderful collision and fusion in her works .

She often draws inspiration from poetry, nature and Eastern philosophy, blending them with contemporary visuals and modern techniques to explore the commonalities between art, nature and culture. Her use of new materials and her creativity that combines both rationality and sensibility make her works unique .,duration00:30″Asymmetrical Butterfly” exhibition installation process

“Asymmetrical Butterfly” once again focuses the creation on the artist’s “hands”. The 20,000-meter-long stainless steel wire is woven into a network by multiple pairs of hands of the artist team, giving the work a humanistic halo of “here and now” , injecting the spirit of Oriental craftsmanship into the commercial system of Nanjing Vientiane World .

The production process of “Asymmetrical Butterfly Transformation”, pictures courtesy of the artist

At the same time, JUJUWANG emphasizes interactivity with the audience, which allows her works to form a harmonious relationship with both participants and bystanders . In her opinion, creating installation works is like building another universe, inviting viewers to enter the world of imagination.

The stainless steel wire looks down at us powerfully. We are fascinated by the multi-dimensional perspective brought by the identity of the looker, and observe the abstract changes of colors under the searchlight.

Bravely project your past and yourself into “Asymmetrical Butterfly”. You will see freedom from it and see the future reaching your heart through the interweaving of dreams.